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Heartland owned by grassybutt

              Welcome to Heartland

    On this farm you will find top notch horses for sale. They will have amazing bio's and very high genetic potential. The reason I named my farm heartland is because of the Canadian show heartland . I t is about a horse trainer who can do amazing things to help troubled horses. Her and her family help and rescue abandon horses. I encourage you to watch this show because it inspired me to become a vet.

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Medium Driftwood Board Pasture
100% Filled
100% Visit Area
Large White Board Pasture
bootiful horse are bread here. 17% Filled
100% Visit Area
For sale
Small Driftwood Board Pasture
25% Filled
45.9% Visit Area
Broodmares #2
Large White Board Pasture
0% Filled
1% Visit Area
Medium Mahogany Board Pasture
75% Filled
96.7% Visit Area