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Looking for cream & grey studs. Paying up to $20 000.

Post your stallions available for stud, or stallions you are looking for.
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Looking for cream & grey studs. Paying up to $20 000.

Postby Malakai10 » January 11th, 2017, 6:37 am

Looking for stallions with good stats and two cream genes OR two cream genes and grey non-spotted with the following body shapes:

And stats similar (as long as the stats are neutral, I'll consider the horse) to the following: I cannot be certain, but it seems he'll grow into a strong stallion. Wow, this is one fast stallion. You've got a natural-born race horse here! This one can keep going forever! Doesn't even break a sweat. This stallion is very average, even in the way he moves. This stallion's tempo is like clockwork! This stallion could do ballet he has such perfect balance! Now that's one agile stallion! Changes direction in the blink of an eye! Wow, this is one smart stallion. He knows what he's doing after only one lesson!

Horse Genetic Potential: 61,220

I'll pay $10 000 for a two cream gene, non-spotted stallions like that, $15 000 for one with one grey gene and two cream genes, $20 000 for two grey genes and two cream genes.

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